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  • Oracle APEX : Can you map my APEX application to my domain?
    Answer: Yes - in addition to web space and email, all of our Oracle APEX packages include free domain mapping. You can map your primary domain (e.g. ...

  • Tomcat Oracle Hosting: What is included on my Java VPS?
    Answer: All Java VPS hosting services (Tomcat, Glassfish, and JBoss) include complete configuration with everything you need to put your applications online. Your VPS is configured with ...

  • Oracle APEX : How do Import or Export to Oracle?
    Answer: You can import or export via your shell account or from your PC.EXP Example----------------------------------------------exp UserName/Password@ConnectionString  file=MyExport.dmp  log=MyLog.txtIMP Example ----------------------------------------------imp UserName/Password@ConnectionString  file=MyImport.dmp  log=MyImportLog.txt fromuser=UserName touser=UserName   The required connection ...

  • cPanel: How to access cPanel
    Answer: To access your cPanel you can simply open any web browser and navigate to: http://cpanel.yourdomain.com Enter the user name and password provided in your Account Information email.  If ...

  • Tomcat Oracle Hosting: Backing Up Your Site
    Answer: In addition to the backups we take of your site, you can generate a backup at any time. This is useful if you have just ...


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