How My Daughter's Short Life Changed Mine


Touching The World of AngelsIt seemed that only yesterday I had left this hospital through the front door, holding her  as a newborn. We were bringing our new daughter home. Now I was leaving the same hospital, holding her, but this time through the back door. And this time we weren’t going home.”

Grief-stricken father Seth Clyman spent seven days mourning the loss of his two-month-old daughter—the seven days of shivah in the Jewish religion—questioning the meaning of life as he tried to come to terms with his infant daughter’s death.

As friends and family came to pay their respects, Seth felt as though he was falling into a black hole— weakened, humbled, and exposed, he spent those seven days examining a world he never knew existed. But when Seth emerged on the last day, something had shifted. He was a different person, a man who had the profound realization that death is actually the way one looks at life—death is not just an end, but also a beginning.